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EDUCATION is more than silver and gold


An intriguing experience you will never forget!


The are various ways in which you can participate. We are searching for partipants in all areas, home and abroad (Limbe, Cameroon).

Orientate yourself in our programs:


You are flexible and can easily pass on information to passersby on the street?

You enjoy outdoor activities and have fun while distributing flyers and colecting donations. You speak fluent German and aren´t shy?

You are passionate about Education and love helping the less privileged?

Then you are ideal for our team.



We are at many festivals throughout Germany selling African delicacys to raise funds for our projects. A few of such events are Nuernberg Afrika Festival, Nuernberg Suedstadt festival, Bayreuther Afrika Festival.


Volunteer to work with us at our food booth in the city where we are present.


>> Africa Festival Nuremberg

>> Suedstadtfest Nueremberg


Do you want to have an exciting experience with us in Cameroon, imparting practical knowledge to children, taking over socio-pedagogical tasks and acompany children in their training. We are constantly looking for volunteers support in our school, whether as a teacher or an instructor.

In addition we offer a unique program for students of fields International Relations, Political Sciences and other related study programs a Foreign Internship(2- 6 months). To strengthen our educational agenda, we are searching for people in all fields who can teach the children certain courses like English, German, Computer sciences, basic computer programs,music,dancing and other extracurricular activities which are missing in our school schedule.

Your accommodation is taken care of!

Are you excited and want to be part of the team?


Contact us today!

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