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EDUCATION is more than silver and gold


Education is the Key

The idea of a sustainable improvement in the standard of living of socially disadvantaged children through academic education and educational promotion was our inspiration for the founding of the GTA School Association.

In addition to academic knowledge, the curiosity of students should be encouraged in the learning process, and a sense of responsibility in relation to society and the environment mediated.

On this basis, a sustainable progressive change in the social situation from within should be possible.

We continue investing in our projects.

Your donation will be used to ensure the future education of many disadvantaged children.

The are various ways in which you can take part in of one of our projects.

We are constantly searching for help here or abroad.
Find your project!

Inspired by
Goddy-Tabi Achuo´s Dream of establishing an institution in his home town, the GTAS Association came to life.

find us: 

Eschenstrasse 8

90441 Nuremberg



+49 (0) 911-660 36 359

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