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EDUCATION is more than silver and gold



We continue to invest in our projects with your support.

Your donation will also be used for repairs, classroom setup, classroom materials, and more.

All donations go into the featured areas and projects in the full amount. The persons involved in the organization and the school and the teachers on site are financed by school fees or work on an honorary basis.


GTA School Association is registered as a non-profit organization.

For a donation of less than 200, - € per year, a copy of your bank statement will be sufficient in conjunction with the printout of the email confirmation.

With a donation of more than 200, - € per year you automatically receive a confirmation from us, if you enter your complete contact data.

SPONSORSHIP for a disadvantaged child

Taking on sponsorship for a disadvantaged child from a developing country increases the opportunity for the child to be better cared for, protected and well educated.

We at the GTA School Association only invests in education programs, because education is the key to the way out of poverty and lack of opportunities.


With 112, - € for a school year or 650, - € for the complete education of a student, you can change a life.

At the beginning of the sponsorship for a child, you will receive documents with photos of your sponsored child and its family, as well as information about their situation and the country.

Every year you receive up-to-date photos and information about your sponsored child and about projects in the family environment.

You can write letters and visit.

Sponsor a child now. >>Contact


If you prefer bank transfer, please use the bank details in the imprint under the specification "donation" in the intended use. If you would like to receive a donation confirmation, please contact us by stating your data and the amount of donations transferred via the contact form. Thank you.


find us: 

Eschenstrasse 8

90441 Nuremberg



+49 (0) 911-660 36 359

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